Why Branding?

Branding is the most important key for your business. Having good designs is what will make you stand out from your competition no matter how small or recent your brand is. Raccoon Studio is a team of professionals with a lot of experience in different audiences.

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How we Work

Creative Brief

We will send you a form where you can fill everything about your project, colors, style, fonts, imagery and all the requirements to achieve an awesome design

Design Process

This is when the raccoons begin to do their magic inside their studio with all kinds of tools, experiments and concepts. Do not be afraid, we have a lot of experience and skills


Once finished we will send it to review it. Raccoon Studio will make all the changes you need so that the project is approved and you are completely happy with the results

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Discover Our Services

Logo Design & Branding

Defining your brand is a journey of business discovery. It can be difficult, time-consuming and uncomfortable. But that is why we make it easy for any person or company. Raccoon Studio will create a custom logo, brand message, develop a tagline and all the marketing tools you need to take your business or professional life to the next level.

Web & App Design

Raccoon Studio take pride in developing professional and interactive websites and apps from inception onward. You only need to provide us with an insight of what you need we will start the creation of your project. Our services include web design, content management systems, hosting, domain, email addresses, SEO and any requirements specific to your professional profile.

Social Media

In the era of Facebook and YouTube, brand building has become a vexing challenge. Let Raccoon Studio help you create, boost and maintain your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We will Upload posts and create ads for each account. It is our objetive to make sure your business grows and you get new leads. That you became successful is our goal!


Raccoon Studio’s passion is to freelance. As a team of professionals we want to provide you with this opportunity to hire us, either for a long or at short-term. You can get in touch with Raccoon Studio at any moment while we work together. This arrangement works very well for our clients. We are always available to our clients, is an important part of Raccoon Studio!

Awesome Designs
is the Key
to your Success


Sarah B.
Content/Community Manager

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Raccoon Studio on many projects. My company's previous designer had left and we needed someone who could adhere to our style guidelines, but also contribute new and eye-catching materials to keep us moving forward. Fermin was able to quickly step in and fill that void. From designing downloadable PDFs and brochures to cohesive elements for complete marketing campaigns, Raccoon Studio delivered great results. They where also very quick to make any edits that we needed, despite being an in-demand freelancers. Raccoon Studio are very talented designers and a pleasure to work with!

Les O.
Contractor Growth Agent

When we lost our graphic designer of 5 years to injury, Raccoon Studio has come off the bench and continues to score touchdowns for our contractor customers each and every week. High quality.

Christiane F.
Marketing and Innovation Consultant

I've love working with Raccoon Studio. I feel we did a good partnership once I tried to mitigate as much possible the number of changes (which is normal)... They are open, flexible and had a great quality work.

Branding Packages


  • Starter


  • Logo Design

  • Branding Stationery

  • Branding Guidelines



  • Advanced


  • Starter Pack

  • Web/App Design

  • Web/App Development



  • Pro


  • Advanced Pack

  • Evolving SEO

  • Social Media Maintenance


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